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We had too much fun with this. [15 Aug 2003|05:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]

The Unofficial Rules and Guidelines for OTT PlayersCollapse )

If we've missed anything, or you want to add one, comment here.

Uber loff,


(And also Mandy, Amber and Beth, even if they aren't posting this)

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How Distressing [14 Aug 2003|07:36pm]

[ mood | Incoherent with Laughter ]

Well. Tried that Haiku Generator for Colin and got this:

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:no_1_potter_fan
Your haiku:got a wheeee i saw
that harry was just doing cho
thought i wanted to
Created by Grahame

I think it speaks for itself.
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OTT stuffies [09 Aug 2003|11:20pm]

[ mood | amused ]


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Yearbook Camp. [06 Aug 2003|11:57pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Hey guys, this is KM. Just letting you know that I'm going to Yearbook Camp from the 7th to the afternoon of the 9th, so no posting or RPing from _susanbones nor elijah_turpin until then.


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[04 Aug 2003|07:53pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey everyone, Koyuuno here. Just wanted to let you guys know that from August eighth through the tenth, Pip (i.e. hellcent/hot_ramen) and I will be going to Otakon. We won't be staying in a hotel, but because we'll be driving up each day, we won't be getting back until late (midnight, one in the morning ish) so depending on whether or not you lot really are insomniacs or it's just me keeping you up, I may or may not see you those days.

Hugs and kisses, promise to take lots of pictures of the horrid cosplayers,


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[22 Jul 2003|12:04pm]

Just letting everyone know that Mike and I are still kicking. We've only had one problem after another this week (and over last weekend). A girl quit on us at work, management training, moving plans and no time to hardly sleep. Finally got things smoothed out with the working stuff. We'll be around as usual starting tonight.

See everyone then.
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You Just Don't Want to Know .. [20 Jul 2003|11:44am]

See, I get a kick out of RPing, but it's really no fun unless you can joke about your characters. Now there are complaints about how Hermione is a Mary Sue [MS], and honestly, I can see how that's possible. She is a self-insertion of JKR, knows everything, and damn, she's got two hot guys on her tail.

But this is an example of joking gone WRONG ..Collapse )

Disclaimer: No, none of this will appear in the actual RP. Don't worry about that. XD
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Vacation notice [18 Jul 2003|11:38pm]
Hi all. I'm Mandy, who is currently playing george_jests in OTT. I will be on vacation from July 20th-27th, so I won't be available for any AIM RP sessions. I will, however, have limited internet access on the ship. So I'll be able to make short posts and reply to comments.
Just thought I should let this be known.
Have a great weekend, everyone!
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[03 Jul 2003|01:21pm]

Sorry for the cross post. onthethreshold is currently searching for noncanons as well as the following canon characters.

- Arthur Weasley
- Molly Weasley
- The Dursleys
- Tracey Davis
- Seamus Finnigan
- Dean Thomas
- Luna Lovegood
- Tonks
- Crabbe {Death Eater}
- Goyle {Death Eater}
- Marcus Flint {Death Eater}
- Avery Sr. {Death Eater}
- Minerva McGonagall {Professor}
- Percy Weasley
- Hufflepuffs
- Ravenclaws

We are a very active chronicle with dedicated players. We only ask that you are the same. The contact information as well as the application and description of the chronicle based in the sixth year of Harry's Sixth Year at Hogwarts (yes we do use the information in book five) can be found on the user information page. A website is currently in the works.

Stop by, check us out. We hope to hear from you soon.
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[19 Jun 2003|10:01pm]

This is Jay. Hello there. Letting everyone know that you'll probably see me around under this name more often than under the ones I use for OTT. Since this is not only for OTT.

Okay. Okay. Order Of The Phoenix in T-minus 26 hours and counting. Anyone on the East Coast going to a midnight release party? Anyone who might be able to skim forward and log on to tell me who dies?

I can't take this. I will give you endless love. A backrub and a cookie with your name on it.

Oh. Please put lj cut tags for anything that might spoil the book for others while we're all reading it? That would be dandy. Place "spoiler" somewhere in the tag.

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